With every sale we donate to the Ocean Cleanup Project!

Tonework Production supports the largest Cleanup in the history. The ocean Cleanup project.
The organization was founded in 2013 by Boyan Slat, a Dutch-born inventor-entrepreneur with a great vision.

With our help they can continue their research, improve the system and accelerate this large scale cleanup process.

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic. A full-scale deployment of these systems is estimated to clean up 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every 5 years.

With every soundbank you buy at our shop we will automatically donate two euros to this awesome project. but if you are not (yet) interested in buying one of our soundbanks you can allways donate and support them directly by the following link.

Patchlist and sound demos

All Presets make good use of the Modulation Wheel and Aftertouch for added expression capabilities. Down here you see the patchlist of all the sounds and you can preview them.
For these demos, no Extermal FX or Processing were used, Just the direct output from the synth.



  • Maarten Olyslaegers
    13 March 2016

    Technically very advanced, clearly highly specialized. The potential can be very large.
    This guy omes from the world he knows and where this 3D sound should be applied. (translated from Dutch).

  • Toon Seghers
    10 March 2016

    Appealing product, even more appealing presentation. Must describe his business model and product proposition more specifically but after reading the factsheet I understood the proposition really well ,(translated from Dutch).