Rinse Veltman presents Spatial Audio platform for VR Content.

Tonework Productions has developed a flexible script and application that enables developers to apply real-world acoustics in their Virtual Reality productions for every VR Headset and leading game engines.
Providing a marketplace for high-quality user-generated content, this will create a scalable solution.

Founder Mr. Rinse Veltman has with a technical engineering education and 15 years of experience in TV/multimedia production, a perfect set of skills to cover both the visual as technical aspects that are involved with virtual reality.
Most content and software is primarily programmed and produced by Mr. Veltman himself. Extra knowledge and workforce is invested where necessary.

There are 9.6 million VR headsets sold in 2016.

Developers are in need of real-life content at high quality to use in their productions. "that is the market we target" mentioned Veltman

In 2016 we mainly produced content for our launching customers; IBC/Rai Amsterdam, Gemeente Hilversum and several other companies in our network as a multimedia producer.
As soon our ProducerPool database contains enough acoustic models, these will be sold to VR developers and filmmakers

Our scripts and apps will be available for free for developers who buy content through our platform b-format.com.
As soon the recording techniques and software enter the market, user-generated content will be sold through our existing platform.
The first two years, commercially produced content will be distributed through our platforms 360cities.nl (hilversum360.nl) and virtualbooth.com to generate revenue in the startup period.



  • Maarten Olyslaegers
    13 March 2016

    Technically very advanced, clearly highly specialized. The potential can be very large.
    This guy omes from the world he knows and where this 3D sound should be applied. (translated from Dutch).

  • Toon Seghers
    10 March 2016

    Appealing product, even more appealing presentation. Must describe his business model and product proposition more specifically but after reading the factsheet I understood the proposition really well ,(translated from Dutch).